Let's eliminate the administrative burden of running a company!

Formality automates administrative work for Finance and Legal teams.
Delegate admin tasks. Centralize documents. Never miss a deadline.

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Admin management just got a lot more automated!

Don’t search, find!

All your documents’ content is searchable thanks to powerful OCR & AI technologies

Quick Summaries

No need to read 40-page documents to find your contracts’ important details anymore

Guided Formalities

Document templates for your administrative formalities can be provided by your Copilot.

Never miss a deadline!

Every important date is added to your Admin Calendar and synced with Google or Outlook 

Risk Free

Based on your documents, Formality monitors admin risk wherever your company expands

Always-on Dataroom

All your admin documents and contracts are always organized and up to date

Delegate any task to your Smart Admin Assistant, 24/7

Simply use Email, Slack or Teams to delegate any admin tasks to Formality. Our AI-powered support team will give you a qualitative answer in no time.  

“We need these 5 documents for the bank KYC, can you please send them?"

“We’re changing the headquarters’ address, can you handle the paperwork?”

“I want to stop this contract, can you help me with the termination letter?”

Keep all your docs & contracts well organized

Just send your documents to Formality. Our AI technology will scan them, extract meta-data, and put them in the right folder.

Never miss an important deadline again!

Formality creates your Admin & Legal Calendar based on all your documents and local regulations. This way, you will always stay in control.

Your success with our services

Super performance

Experience super performance like never before.

Maintaining milestones

We keep your projects on course for a successful outcome.

Customer support

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Organized code

Our meticulously organized codebase ensures a stable and efficient software foundation.

100% Response time

Count on our team to be there for you whenever you need assistance.

Search optimization

Boost your online visibility with our comprehensive search optimization.

Des forfaits transparents, sans limite d'utilisateurs ni de fonctionnalités


/ mois
4.900€ / an soit 2 mois offerts en payant à l'année


/ month
0 à 20 employés
1 entité juridique
1.000 documents suivis


/ mois
9.900€ / an soit 2 mois offerts en payant à l'année


/ month
21 à 50 employés
3 entités juridiques
3.000 documents suivis


/ mois
19.900€ / an soit 2 mois offerts en payant à l'année


/ month
51 à 100 employés
10 entités juridiques
10.000 documents suivis
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