Equip your legal team with the superpowers of Artificial Intelligence

Save time, money and eliminate administrative risks.

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Organize your contracts and documents in one click
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Never miss an important deadline again
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Save time by delegating your tasks to us
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The main problems of legal teams

As your business grows, the administrative and legal burden increases and can quickly become a sword of Damocles for legal teams.
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The Drive is chaotic, difficult to find up-to-date documents

It is impossible to search for the content of the documents. Up-to-date documents and information can be in the Drive, emails, messaging, or not only in the brains of employees!

Without a system in place, important dates are bound to be missed.

We want to end or renegotiate a contract with a supplier, but the contractual date has already passed... This can cost several tens of thousands of euros per year. The recruitment of a new employee also creates multiple administrative obligations that must be followed carefully.

Administrative tasks are numerous and time-consuming

Translating a contract, filling out forms, declaring beneficial owners... businesses are overwhelmed by administrative work. And when the company also creates international subsidiaries, it is a nightmare to remain “compliant”!

Why choose Formality?

Formality is your new control tower to manage all your administrative risks.


Organize your documents in one click

Formality connects to your Drive. With our AI technology, documents are mapped, important data extracted automatically, and stored in the right folder with the right name. You will be “data-room ready” at all times!
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Never miss a deadline again

Formality automatically puts important dates into your Calendar based on your contracts and administrative documents (renewal, renegotiation, medical examination, etc.) in your Calendar. The Calendar also alerts you to the local regulations in your countries. Stay in control without even thinking about it!

Save time with your Assistant

Simply use your email box or Slack to delegate your administrative and legal tasks to Formality. Our team of experts relies on Artificial Intelligence technologies to give you quick answers. Unload time-consuming tasks easily!
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Your Formality workspace is ready in one week

1 - Signature of the contract

We sign a contract that includes a reinforced confidentiality clause, in order to guarantee the security of your documents and administrative information. This contract is simple and without commitment, you can end it at any time, with only one month's notice.

2 - Onboarding of documents

You give us access to your administrative drive and our teams of experts take care of copying key documents to Formality. We have developed a technology based on Artificial Intelligence to understand, sort and automatically organize documents.

3 - Compliance audit

Based on the documents integrated into the platform, our technology automatically identifies missing documents and information, in each of the countries where your company has legal entities. Your compliance score is calculated and will be used as an indicator to measure progress.

4 - Alerts and actions

You receive alerts from your Calendar, based on the dates of your contracts and the reporting obligations in the various geographies. The suggested actions can be performed by your Assistant, under your control.

5 - An administrative base that is always up to date

As soon as you receive an administrative document, simply upload it to the Formality platform. So you will always stay up to date and “data-room ready”!

“Formality has become an integral member of my team! We easily delegate our paperwork via Slack, and all of our documents are organized automatically.”

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Cecile Derenne
Head of Legal, Electra

“The Formality platform is our administrative copilot. I love the automatic contract summaries that give us an instant read of the main information and clauses.”

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Sébastien Burgain
Founder & CEO, Blacksales

Lighten your mental load with Formality

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Onboarding of the documents offered
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Monthly contract without commitment
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Simple and transparent pricing
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